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Accommodation Update III
Accommodation Update III

Welcome to Works Services Department

HOD’s Statement

The core vision of the works services department is simply to build a maintenance organ that will be responsive to the demands of the university community. This is in regards to effective service delivery in maintenance related issues. In concrete terms; this vision statement means that this service department of the university is responsible for maintenance of all facilities on campus to an acceptable level of functionality, ensures adequate provision of equipment and enhanced manpower training to man these equipments. To ensure computerization of the department while embracing modern trends in service delivery, this guarantees rapid response to faults. A further breakdown of their routine activities includes; maintenance of public building, and furniture, maintaining roads and drains, beautification of the environment, provision of water, electricity and their upkeep. Their work scope also includes maintenance of university automobile and heavy duty trucks, acquisition of real property which is under the estate unit. In all, the works services department has contributed immensely to the growth of university community, by creating enabling environment for effective leaning through her technical support services.

The Department

In general, The Works Services Department was specifically created to carry out the following functions in the university; a) Maintenance and up keep of public buildings and furniture. b) Maintenance and up keep of residential building and furniture. c) Maintenance and up keep of roads and drains in the university. d) Maintenance, up keep, and beatification of the university environment. e) Provision of water, electricity and communication services and also their up keep and maintenance. f) Maintenance and up keep of plants and equipment. g) Maintenance and repairs of university vehicles including cars, Lorries, tractors, crane and other road vehicles. h) Maintenance and repairs of electronic and other equipment used in teaching laboratories of the university. i) The acquisition of real estate property and its management following the merger of Estate office with the works department.