Academic & Public Building Section

Academic & public building section2


        This section is generally concerned with the maintenance of both academic and non academic buildings .As the name implies, the academic building are essentially those buildings on campus that are used for academic purposes such as lecture room/theatres, academic departmental buildings, library and laboratories etc. Whilst the public buildings are those used for general purposes not essentially academic, example include departmental offices, halls, staff school buildings, cafeterias, guest houses and utility buildings.

For effective service delivery this section is divided into six subunits

  1. Carpentry Unit: This unit is charged with all matters connected to wood work in buildings, ranging from woodwork in building foundation, roofing work, roof leakages and wooden scaffolds.
  2. Furniture: This unit handles the procurement, crafting maintenance and repairs of tables, cupboard, chairs, desks and other furniture items found in offices, hostels and quarters
  3. Masonry: they handle all works involving cement, sand, gravel/chippings, tilling ceramics, PVC, and concrete trunks in buildings.
  4. Painting Unit: This unit does painting work in all buildings and structures on campus. They are versatile in the use of Emulsion, gloss paints both for ordinary and for design finishing.
  5. Plumbing Unit: this unit carries out all the plumbing works in the academic/public buildings.
  6. Upholstery Unit: This unit takes care of that part of furniture that requires leather.

          In summary, this section is in charge of the technical handling of masonry, carpentry and furnishing of building and structures on campus with a view to enhance the learning and working environment for which the university if noted for.