Transport Section



University of Nigeria Nsukka has an internal transport system controlled by the Director of works. The transport section provides drivers to the entire departments in the university for various purposes which include; moving of staff and material for service delivery, they also maintain records on all vehicles the university owns including earth moving plants. There are also sub-menus in this sections

  1. Administration Unit: Vehicles in this section serve the principal officers (Vice Chancellor, registrar and the Bursar) and members of the governing council.
  2. Tractors/Plant Unit: This unit is responsible for agric plants eg tractors and mowers. Tractors for lawn moving, trailers for movement of goods and crane for various purposes.
  3. Water distribution: This has to do with water distribution using water tankers to supply water within and outside university majorly to staff of the university.

Academic Units: this unit provides drivers for servicing faculty and departments.