Special Announcements

Execution of Assignment

When a Requisitioner brings a job order to the Director, the request trickles down to the Artisan/Craftsman who will repair the fault OR prepare estimates which will trickle back to the Director for forwarding to the Administration (Vice Chancellor) for approval and eventual release of funds/materials. AND SO ON.

After the repairs, the Requisitioner is to SIGN the job order to signify completion.

Estimates are to be detailed with clear description of findings and proposed solution with sketches where applicable.

We are to, as much as possible, get at current market prices with dates. Quantities are to be optimal and the job execution professional.

Supervision is hereby re-emphasized and adequate reporting made as necessary.

Challenges are to be reported without delay.

Above all. TEAM WORK is our WATCH WORD.




                                                                             Engr. James S. Onyishi

                                                                             Ag. Director, Works Services