Electrical Section





Inaugural meeting of Staff in Electrical Section in-charge of Metering, Public Address services, AC/Refrigeration and ICT services on 4th February, 2019

This section is created to be in-charge of: Metering, Public Address services, AC/Refrigeration and ICT services. It is to take effect from 1st February, 2019.

The following Staff members are to work in this section for now.

1 Engr. Jeremiah Joshua – Sectional Head Principal Engineer 07039644543
2 Emmanuel Ngwu Chief Works Supt. 08068378078
3 Chibuzo Emeaso Chief Works Sup. 08064217521
4 Engr. Omeje Felix Pupil Engineer 07069155492
5 Comrade Amoke Clifford I. P.L.SUP 08135674176
6 Nwodo Christian Works Supervisor 07032425221
7 Onah Moses Chinasa Works Supervisor 08039222761
8 Shadrach Affia Foreman 07065224432
9 Jude Agashi Works Supervisor 08062943927
10 Amos Ugwu Snr. C/Man 07033147813
11 Eze Ejike Christian Foreman 08165351317
13 Mmuoh Charles Chinedu H. T. O. II 08037909616
14 Nwokolo Juliana Ifeyinwa H. T. O. II 08064741517
15 Ndu Chinonyerem Victoria H. T. O. II 08063686095


Units and job description: The Section is divided into 4 Units:

  1. Meter Unit: – This unit is charged with the responsibilities of billing all commercial centres and small business outfits within the University community that are using University electricity. It also ensures prompt/regular payment of energy consumed by the commercial and small business centres in the campus.


Staff members in this Unit are:

Engr. Omeje Felix: – Unit Head

Comrade Amoke Cliford

Chibuzo Emeaso

Mmuoh Charles C.


Nwokolo Juliana I.


Ndu Chinonyerem V.



  1. Air Condition/ Refrigeration: – This Unit is responsible for installation, maintenance and repairs of air condition and refrigeration systems in the University community. They give serious attention to Princes Alexandra Auditorium especially during ceremonies.

Staff members in this Unit are:

Onah Moses Chinasa: – Unit Head

Jude Agashi


  1. Public Address Services: – this Unit is saddled with the responsibilities of covering Council meetings, VC’s Courtesy calls, Senate meetings, etc with our portable public address system.

Staff members in this Unit are:

Shadrach Affia: – Unit Head

Amos Ugwu


  1. New Library/ICT issues: – This Unit will undertake all electrical installations, maintenance and repairs in Nnamdi Azikiwe’s Library University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It will also handle any ICT issues that may arise from ICT Centre University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Staff members in this Unit are:

Nwodo Christian

Ejike Christia

  1. Staff (Official) matters. To handle any staff mater like nominal roll and any other official matters concerning the section

Emmanuel Ngwu

Note: You are not posted to where you are now permanently. You may be requested to serve in any of these units as the need arises. Just let us work as a team in order to achieve greater success.

I wish you the very best as you serve faithfully in this section.


Yours Sincerely

Engr. Jeremiah J.

Sectional Head